Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Dollops of Colour!

Take a look at what has been driving me to distraction today! So many colours; loads and loads of them!

A friend sent me this link somewhere around midmorning, and every once in a while, I’m having to quell the urge to splash a few colours around!

Create your own mess/artwork at

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Victorious at Battle!!!

There's this one shelf in my house that owing to the fact that I cannot easily reach it, has been converted into what looks to be startlingly similar to a rarely used attic! I normally dump a whole lot of things onto that not-so-large a space, always making a mental point to clean up the clutter one weekend by throwing away the things that I haven't used in months, and probably never will! Considering my inability to throw away things that easily, having almost always formed some kind of attachment to many of my belongings, that weekend didn't seem to be menacingly hovering anywhere in the near future! Unfortunately, suddenly last week, as I was preparing to start studying for my February 4th exam, I realized that my book was lost somewhere in the mêlée of the attic. With trepidation, but having no choice whatsoever, I pulled a chair right under the attic, and attempted to stand up on it and search for my book. On spotting its title, my eyes immediately lit up with glee! I proceeded to carefully pull it out from under a whole load of other books and things balanced precariously over it. I had but pulled it almost all the way through, when I noticed a pair of antennae suddenly poke out from between two books. With a yelp and a leap, I found myself on the floor, poised and ready to strike the monster down, if it so much as made a move towards me. After displaying its full length for a while, the cockroach scuttled right back into its hideout. From that moment, I knew no peace!!! Small little roaches I can handle, but not one that took pride in displaying its full length!!! I imagined all sorts of things; I was almost convinced that the roach having built a nice, cozy home would not relinquish its abode for anything, and would be, at every moment, secretly gloating at my fear and displeasure! I started waited impatiently for A to arrive.

Friday came, and it brought good news in the form of A's arrival! That very evening, I set him to work on cleaning out the attic. What was hilarious was that the moment A made a joke about how he was all geared up to vanquish the roach; the brave thing that that roach was, it peeped out the attic and let us have a good look at it, before scooting right back in! I could almost hear it say "catch me if you can!"

Having locked myself safely inside the bathroom, I listened to the sounds emanating from A going about his chore of cleaning the attic. There were some thuds and bangs, and A soon announced that the deed had been done, and that I could safely come out of the washroom. Gingerly, I stepped out, with the feeling that the insect would at any moment land flying down on my head! After having convinced me that it wouldn't materialize out of nowhere, A started clearing up the rest of the clutter that had been dumped into the attic. I soon pitched in to help, feeling all brave and courageous now that danger was nowhere in sight! I guess I'd thanked my stars too soon, for we found another warrior waiting with bated breath, at the other end of the attic. The yelps and the leaps and the locking myself into a safe place started all over again! This second warrior put up a brave fight and went to his grave like a true martyr! However, we had apparently underestimated the old strength in numbers adage! Out popped another fully-armed-with-its-antennae soldier from between the pages of an old diary that had been relegated to a corner of the attic! This one proved to be the quickest and the most courageous of the lot! It scurried all around the place and anticipated A's every move, akin to a true-blue soldier of the soil!

We gave all of them a nice burial, fitting the tremendous fight that they had put up. Swooping them all up into a dustpan that can give any royal casket a run for its money, we led them all to their pre-ordered, designer, plastic bag graves. My only remorse is that in between all my squealing and yelping, I didn't think of immortalizing them in the lens of my camera. Also, I do pray that none of their ilk ever shows up in any crevice of my attic or any other place in my house, ever again! Not that I intend to speak ill of the dead, but they really don't seem to do anything other than scare me out of my wits!

Needless to say, we carefully looked into every corner of the attic, threw away all the old and unimportant stuff that I'd so lovingly hoarded up, and even arranged security personnel in the form of naphthalene balls, to keep a twenty-four hour vigil on our fort! No intruder will ever again be able to infiltrate our walls, or so I hope!!!

Monday, January 29, 2007

To Sum It All Up...!!!

Had a nice, packed weekend this time around!

  1. Watched 2 movies!
  2. Ate an awful lot! Pizzas, lasagnes, burgers, chocolates, a delicious brownie fudge ice cream; I had them all and more!
  3. Laughed myself silly after a long long time!
  4. Didn't study (for my next exam) at all! :-D
  5. Played (er, watched) a wee bit of Mario.
  6. Got photographed a couple times.
  7. Got the waiter at Hot Wok to give me the decorative piece of carrot (shaped like a rose) that was used as part of the garnish!
  8. Finally got new pairs of socks. (They were long overdue!)
  9. Cleaned up a lot of clutter.
  10. Most importantly, watched 2 murders and didn't watch 1!!! :-/
More on all, later! I'm still under the weekend hangover...

Pic Courtesy: Google

Friday, January 26, 2007

Happy Republic Day!!!

Republic Day is being celebrated all over the country (India) today! Here's wishing all of us a wonderfully happy Republic Day!

To top it, wonder of wonders, look what I found on YouTube...!!! Remember the days of Doordarshan?!? This video was played quite regularly on Doordarshan during my school days. It has been a pleasant surprise to stumble upon it after so many years! Surprisingly, I seem to remember quite a bit of the song and words! I'm sure this video will bring back some lovely memories for all who've watched it so very long back!!!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Wait Till I Get on the Show!

Shahrukh Khan has been hosting the new KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati - based on the popular UK show, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?) series for the past three days, and I'm loving every minute of it! He, in his inimitable style, nicely intersperses the show with his brand of humour. What is endearing (for me, at least!) is how he tries to speak in the language of the state that the contestant comes from! As a result, Mr. Computer also seems destined to change the region he belongs to, from time to time! So, if it becomes Compaq da when the contestant is a Bengali and Computer garu when on the hot seat is an Andhraite, it doesn't take long to become Computer Chowdhury when faced with a Hariyanavi, or Janaab Computer Sahib when the contestant is from Secunderabad, the twin city of Hyderabad!

All in all, I love the show, and Shahrukh is as cute as ever! I'm sure many of my friends will have an earful to say about this statement of mine!!!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I've Got Mail!

Actually, I've got a mailbox! A new one at that! Before the entry of this new entrant into my life, as also for the numerous other residents living in the same apartment and other adjoining apartments, we were all wont to collect any letters and other posts that we received from our ever obliging aunty, or the more serious uncle, the owners of all these apartment buildings. I guess they've got more important things to do now, considering they've fixed a whole lot of mailboxes for the benefit of us tenants! All the mailboxes are in one huge block, with individual house numbers on each of the boxes that make the block. So, last evening, I very diligently printed out my name and address and pasted it on my space. Of course, now every time I pass my mailbox, I open it to check whether I've received anything, not that I get that many letters by post! However, whenever there is even so much as a pamphlet announcing the opening of a new hair salon or the menu card of a nearby takeaway tucked into my mailbox, my glee knows no bounds!!! Which set me thinking, handwritten letters are so much more enjoyable and personal, right?!? These newfound e-mails et al, pale in comparison! I still remember how when we were away from each other during school vacations, my friend and I used to write these lovely letters to each other! We'd eagerly await the arrival of the postman each day! Aah, to get back to those days of snail mails, as they're often referred to now! Not that I don't think e-mails are a wonderfully quick way to communicate with someone, but the personal touch that a letter holds cannot be waved away! I think I should write a letter and surprise the selfsame friend one of these days! I'm sure she'll love it!

The Tribe!

My Very Own!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Mad Cheese Disease!!!

My craving for cheese,
Has assumed an unbelievable proportion,
Even if on paltry lease,
Please to me, a good chunk do apportion!

It’s been a long while,
To be exact, more than three whole weeks,
Not seen cheese in a mile,
With longing, my every taste bud so reeks!

Nor will I have none of,
The measly cheese spread; so totally not worth it,
Out, it all, will I so cough,
Only the real thing, does my tongue now deem fit!

Sliced, or diced all nice,
Shredded, with melt-in-the-mouth flowing ease,
It’ll all be gone, in a trice,
If I jus’ lay my hands on them; my moment seize!

The sudden urge to binge,
Out of apparent nowhere, has suddenly so sprung
But, my tummy does singe,
Not so much before, with such craving, has it rung!

I need cheese, I want cheese!
Come this weekend, and truly metamorphose, will I!
A pig I’ll be; you may me tease!
I’ll devour them all; bid the pizzas and lasagnes goodbye!

Pic Courtesy: Google

Monday, January 22, 2007

Not Again!!!

I abhor violence! Violence in any form totally puts me off. I guess that's the case for most people. Why, then, do we have so much violence all around us? Domestic, communal, racial, social, political; all areas of life seem to be harbouring their own share of violence and prejudices.

Last Friday evening, while at work, news of some stray violence in some parts of the city, began trickling in. I didn't pay much heed to it, thinking it to likely be the work of nothing-else-to-do hooligans. Although, there were reports that a mob protesting the hanging of Saddam Hussein had become unruly and run out of control. Nevertheless, Saturday passed quite peacefully, what with me cramming truckloads of marketing management information into my head, furiously preparing for my exam on Sunday.

Once back from my exam on Sunday, I was content to lazing around, with no pressing matters to be taken care of immediately. As luck would have it, the entire area was faced with a massive power cut just as I was bringing my lazing around plans to fruition! Plunged in darkness for almost six, painfully long hours, I was blissfully unaware of the acts of violence that had erupted in some other parts of the city. Soon after the electricity board finally decided to smile down on us poor residents living in the dark ages, I switched on the television, only to be greeted by gruesome reports of mob violence in some areas of the city! Buses had been torched down, auto rickshaws damaged, policemen had had to resort to firing rounds when teargas explosions failed to do the trick, several had been injured, and a poor, unidentified twelve year old boy had lost his life in the bargain!!! It seemed as though an entire mob of unruly and ruthless people had suddenly run fearfully amok! The acts of violence had apparently been started by groups of people who had gathered for a Hindu rally of some sort.

What propelled the groups to turn so violent, I don't know. Many link it to what took place on Friday; some say everything is politically motivated. Whatever may be the causes and motives of such violent acts, what almost always remains are only the charred remnants, not only of the torched vehicles and the like, but also of lives; lives that are unfortunate enough to become the victims and at the receiving ends of such meaningless acts.

As for the violence that erupted, it was quelled and a curfew was imposed on the sensitive areas where it took place. In fact, though the curfew has now been relaxed, the educational institutions in that area have remained closed today. The students have got an unexpected holiday, and they are glad. The people who managed to get away with causing all the damage they did, are also glad. The police, having managed to quell the tension for now, are doubly glad. The news channels that now have this hot, burning issue to talk about for the rest of the week are brimming, nay, overflowing with happiness!!! I mean, what is it with harping on and on about how a celebrity was made subject to racial discrimination on a high profile show!?! What about the other numerous and more serious acts of racial discrimination and prejudice that we turn a blind eye to, almost on a daily basis?!?

When so many in the circle usually benefit by such acts of violence, how does it matter if a few buses get torched down to their very remains, or if even a little boy or girl loses his or her life, because of apparently no fault of the child!?! Aren't they all just news items till another celebrity is made the butt of racial taunts, or another riot, communal or otherwise, rears its ugly head?!?

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Almost Became Insane!!!

Yippieeeeeeeeeeee!!!! The power is finally back; after almost 6 hours! Are you kidding me!!!?!!!



Saturday, January 20, 2007

Exam Fever!!!

With an exam on the morrow,
I'm feeling so very blue!
If only some free time I could borrow,
I feel like I’m down with the flu!!!

With only a few more pages to go,
I need to get done with them,
But, I’m in a mood to write a poem so,
That I thought I’d quickly spout a gem! <ahem!>

With it finally out of my very system,
Again, I’m so raring to go!
Will quickly gain some knowledge, to list ‘em,
With speed and deftness tomorrow!!!

Friday, January 19, 2007

A Thrill Ride Like No Other!!!

A went bungee jumping yesterday; an adventure sport in which a person leaps off a high ledge with one end of an elastic tied typically around the ankles, and the other end to the point from where he or she jumps. The elastic cord first stretches and then pulls the person back up. This bobbing up and down continues till the energy of the jump dissipates!

A said that even though it was damn scary, the thrill was tremendous! He didn't even blink his eyes the entire time of 30 seconds that the activity took, for fear of missing even a moment of the excitement! He also said that the blood rushing to his head caused his nerves to alarmingly pop out! He and five of his friends tried their hands at it, and each of them came away feeling that they've never before experienced such fear or excitement!!! Before the jump, their blood pressure and heart beat rates were closely monitored for quite a long while. They were nicely and safely strapped into the harness (that was attached to a crane), and then the trainer gave them a slight push to start off their fall! Methinks, if the trainer doesn't push novice bungee jumpers, they won't be likely to take the plunge themselves!!! After the energy of the jump dissipated and the person stopped bouncing back and forth, the crane lowered them to the ground, where a team of four helped unstrap them and bring them back to good ol' solid ground/Earth/land, call what you will!!! It seems one of A's friend's eyes were completely bloodshot, so fazed was he by the entire experience! Most of them, of course, went screaming all the way down! I mean, can you imagine what it'll feel like to experience something like this!?! I mean, I'm sure that every moment of my fall, the thought running at the back of my head will be that I'm plummeting to my death!!! My eyes pop out even when I'm on a rollercoaster, so think how they'll look popped right out my head when I bungee jump!!!

This bungee jumping activity has been set up as one of the major attractions in the ongoing Malabar Shopping festival in Kozhikode, Kerala!!!

I haven't been able to get my hands on the video of A's jump yet, but as soon as I do, I'll be sure to post it here! I sure am so proud of you, A!!!

I'm raring to bungee jump now! It remains to be seen whether I chicken out at the last minute, though!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Cooking Up a Storm!!! Er, Bombay Toast, Actually!!!

We had another potluck at my workplace today! It was a super-duper one; absolutely smashing! I'm just back from it, and my tummy feels like an inflated balloon! I must admit I overate! <sheepish grin>

The good thing about this potluck was that everyone had made something and brought. Usually, there are always a couple of us who buy something from the store and land up, grinning from ear to ear; a fact that can be attributed to our almost non-existent cooking skills, at least, in my case!!! Barring the one time I made gulab jamuns, I have mainly relied on my mom's culinary skills (when she's in town) and the oh-so-convenient near-my-house stores, to rescue me whenever I'm in a culinary soup of this kind!!! :-) This time, however, I managed to cook up a pretty delectable dish! Of course, I must admit that the determination to do just that was triggered by the non-availability of anything good enough in any of the oh-so-convenient near-my-house stores, last evening, as also A's brilliant suggestion that I make that instead of something else I'd been thinking of burning, er, making!!! Yeah, can you believe it, those very oh-so-convenient near-my-house stores that I've already written (wait, let me count!) three times about in this one paragraph, quite managed to shatter my faith in their oh-so-convenient reliability!!!

Anyway, let's get back to the masterpiece that I concocted! Well, I made what has been handed down from my mom to me, as Bombay toast!!! No, I don't think it has any particular connection with Bombay, but then, neither do French fries have any connection with France, do they!?! I must tell you that till today's lunch I really thought that the name was something my mother had thought of, whatever may be her reason! However, a couple of other people seem to have heard of it too! So, I guess my mom was only reiterating what she had herself been taught to call it! Of course, the dish is more popularly known as French toast; there comes the French non-connection again!!! For me, French toast was never sweet; I always thought that it was a savoury version, with salt and pepper, rather than sugar! Another of those hand-me-downs, I guess!!! It seems it's actually made in both ways!!!

Nonetheless, I set about making my masterpiece of a Bombay toast! Well, that's how I know it, and that's what I'm going to call it for the rest of my life! Rest assured, I'll be sure to hand it down to my brood too! <grin> While in the process of making it, I was so delighted with my efforts that I took pictures of the batter and then the finished goods too! Of course, it helped to have a shiny new camera in my immediate vicinity! :-) The batter was easy enough to make. A vessel of milk, with lots of sugar and some eggs nicely whisked into it! The tough part was the toasting of the bread slices! I carefully dipped each slice in the batter and spread it out on the pan. Some, of course, stuck; it was me at the helm of affairs after all!!! Let me make it clear that the previous statement is only applicable to cooking, alright!?! Well, although the first couple wasn't any great shakes, the rest of the slices came out pretty good! Once all were done, I arranged them neatly on a platter and clicked quite a few snaps, so pleased was I with my work of art!

The Batter!

Yeah okay, it doesn't look all that impressive, but take a look at the finished product!!!

The Finished Product!!!

Yeah okay, this doesn't look that great either, but believe me, it sure did taste good! At least, that's what everyone who had it, told me! It's no mean feat, considering there were so many things to give my poor Bombay toast competition today; what with the table laden with pastas and chocolate cakes and salads and the like!!! I'm quite pleased with myself, aren't you?!? :-D

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Here Comes Her Majesty!!!

After three days of lazing around in my parents' house, I'm having to drag myself to work for the last two days! Also, I've been apparently rendered incapable of blogging about anything other than my camera! I know I've written enough about it already! So, I thought I'd not take a risk and write anything more about my camera till I take some really good pictures and post them!!!
As the first step in laying off writing about my new toy yet again, here's something interesting! A few days back, I took a test over at SML's blog and I'm pretty kicked about the result! I can't resist posting it here!

You are The Empress

Beauty, happiness, pleasure, success, luxury, dissipation.

The Empress is associated with Venus, the feminine planet, so it represents, beauty, charm, pleasure, luxury, and delight. You may be good at home decorating, art or anything to do with making things beautiful.

The Empress is a creator, be it creation of life, of romance, of art or business. While the Magician is the primal spark, the idea made real, and the High Priestess is the one who gives the idea a form, the Empress is the womb where it gestates and grows till it is ready to be born. This is why her symbol is Venus, goddess of beautiful things as well as love. Even so, the Empress is more Demeter, goddess of abundance, then sensual Venus. She is the giver of Earthly gifts, yet at the same time, she can, in anger withhold, as Demeter did when her daughter, Persephone, was kidnapped. In fury and grief, she kept the Earth barren till her child was returned to her.

What Tarot Card are You?

Take the Test to Find Out.

Do let me know what card you are! :-)

P.S. - As an aside, my cell phone pouch handle finally snapped for good last evening. Till I decide whether or not to attempt to get it sewed together again, my pouch is enjoying its complete freedom now! Dare I take that away from it?!? :-/

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My New Toy is Here!!!

Click, click, is all I want to do now!
With my camera, is where I want to be!
Click, click, is all I want to do now!
An addictive drug, is my new toy, for me!

It's so cute, my new camera, I mean!
I can't wait to get back home to it!
It's so cute, my new camera, I mean!
Into my palm, it so nicely, does fit!

My dear Santa Clauses, so thankful am I!
Mom and dad, sis and dear brother-in-law!
My dear Santa Clauses, so thankful am I!
Forever by my side, will my camera caw!

Get set to be flooded, with pictures, a many!
As I prepare to get my camera, a rolling!
Get set to be flooded, with pictures, a many!
My toy is the best, I don't need any polling!

Click, click, is all I want to do now!
With my camera, is where I want to be!
Click, click, is all I want to do now!
An addictive drug, is my new toy, for me!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Santa Claus is Coming to Town!!!

My parents are just back after visiting my sister, who lives in Dubai. I'm going to see them in a few hours, and I feel like a little kid on her way to meet Santa Claus! They've brought back with them something that I've been wanting for ages now! In a few hours, I'm going to be the proud owner of my first digital camera! I haven't seen it yet, but here's a sneak peek at what it'll look like!

Pic Courtesy: Google

It's a Canon PowerShot A540. I'm not too good with the myriad technical specifications that these things sport and that some people rattle off the tips of their tongues with unnerving ease, but some of my more knowledgeable friends seem to think that this camera is a good choice! So, here's crossing my fingers and hoping that it helps me click many a lovely picture! :-D

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Lo and Behold!!!

I have a lot on my platter today; so I thought I'll post pictures of some of the places I intend to visit/live in, in this lifetime!
The Alps - Top of my list! I definitely want to spend a considerable amount of time here!

Antartica - I know it's weird, but I really want to go here too! Look at the beauty it holds!!!

Celtic Realm - The picture says it all!

Disney Castle - Why on earth wouldn't I want to go here!?!

Germany - Been hooked on to it ever since I started playing NFS! A certain route in that game looks exactly like this!!!
Japan - Look at those cherry blossoms! I'll have to time my visit right to catch them at this glorious best!!!

Lavendar Farm - I have no idea where this is, but I'm going here for sure!!!

Tundra - Nice and cold!!! What more can I ask for?!?

Glen Canyon - Breathtaking, to say the very least!!!
There are, of course, many many more places that I intend visiting; this space is too little to list each one of them! :-)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hanging by a Thread!!!

By a slight thread, it now so hangs,
Of its former glory, a ghost, so pale,
Fills my heart with everyday pangs,
To see it battle, in a fight it'll fail!!!

Mend it did I, but two times round,
As a brave front, it, so stoically held,
The needle pierced; an uncaring hound,
An attempt so vain, its two parts, to weld!

I still remember the day it became mine,
Just the right shade of fine peachy pink,
Aroused in my mind, many emotions divine,
As through its handle, did I, my fingers link!

The first craftswoman could not care less,
With an ugly blot, did she, it ruthlessly bind,
In the span of a day, did it come out; the mess,
A better craftsman, leaving me, to duly find!!!

The second was better by the length of an arm,
He did suture the wound, with fingers so deft,
Skilled was he, or so I believed that day, so calm,
In less than a week, the single string was only left!

Maybe, my friend enjoys its freedom, newfound,
Maybe, it revels in the new air it now breathes,
Maybe, it doesn't want its handle so boringly bound,
Maybe, to tell me something, its heart so seethes!

You've served me well, for months, so many,
My pride; you've been the envy of many eyes,
I've made my peace, you'll ever be my lucky penny,
As I set you free, from any painful, stringy ties!!!

Be held by a lone thread, if it's what you wish,
You'll forever be as good as new for me,
As pretty as ever, as desirable as a tasty dish,
My cellphone pouch, my favourite, will you ever be!

See the Handle Hanging by a Thread?!?

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Almost Done!

With fifty days left to go,
We've come a long way,
I need fear no more so,
En route, is surely the day!

Having stood the test of time,
Our love can only even grow,
Like a poem and its faithful rhyme,
And, the caw that so makes the crow!

Of staying away, I've had my fill,
And, I truly hope, so have you,
Sitting on my lonely window sill,
Spend do I, the remaining few!

As time ticks by, it uplifts my mood,
Never again, will you be gone,
If music, of life, be the real food,
You are, too, of my every morn!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Horror Knows No Bounds!

The news channels have become such dreary places! For the last many days, day in and day out, every hour, on the hour, the so called updates of the serial killings that have been taking place in Nithari in Noida are unabashedly flashed. Much has been said and written about these killings, but can anything truly account for the horror that these murders of innocent children and women, represent?!?

Various speculations have been made while trying to unearth the reasons that could possibly be behind these inhuman acts. From sexual pleasure to organ trade to the workings of a disordered mind, all grounds have been covered within a span of a few days! The accused have been made to undergo tests of varying natures and types. Apparently, the prime accused is now under a doctor's care in a hospital because of his diabetic body suddenly sporting extremely high sugar levels.

Like A says, just because the media are coming more and more into their own now, such acts are being brought to light! Who knows, such things may have been taking place for eons, but got buried with a soundless funeral! Last night, there was a discussion going on in one of the myriad news channels, where they tried to get into the mind of the prime accused. There was a psychiatric doctor present on the show, not to mention a high profile policewoman, a school friend of the accused, a good smattering of sundry politicians; the works! All debated upon what could have actually taken place. The doctor talked about how such people have a diabolical nature, and how they can easily exist as two different personalities; to her merit, the policewoman condemned the lapses made by the police force in this case (a point that is known to the whole nation by now!); the politicians, as is wont and almost customary, engaged in their usual mud-slinging and passing the blame exercises! Surprisingly, the man who had gone to school with the prime accused vehemently stated that he believed in his classmate's innocence. He claimed that as a lawyer, he has been trained to not believe anyone guilty, unless conclusively proven to be so! The doctor was quick to butt in and point out that it was not unusual for the people who have interacted closely with people plagued with such diabolical natures, to not to be able to believe that they can commit such ghastly crimes too!!!

Whatever be the reason for these killings, how are these discussions and the continuous harping on this dastardly topic, going to help the people who have lost their children? Now that so much has already not been done, shouldn't it be the aim to bring to justice whoever is responsible for these heinous acts, and ensure that the remaining parents and children can lead a life of at least less, if not, no fear at all! Nothing can ever compensate for the death of the twenty-odd? children, but at least, give the parents who lost them the satisfaction of knowing that the guilty have been brought to justice, with a punishment that leaves none in doubt.

Friday, January 05, 2007


Normally, I dread long bus journeys. They are uncomfortable, to say the very least. Especially if I'm travelling alone, taking a bus is always the last resort. Of course, it's always so much better when A is also with me. We play games, I throw tantrums, he works his way through them, I sleep on his lap/chest; the works! <grin!>

Our last bus journey, though, was a trifle different. It was uncomfortable and long alright, but, a certain little girl made it such a memorable experience. We were on our way back to Bangalore from Nagercoil. After reaching the stipulated bus stand, we realized that we had a lot of time to kill, before the bus would grace us with its presence! I sat down under a tree where a lady was already sitting, cradling what looked to be a little more than a year old baby, in her lap. Sitting beside her, I could not but help start playing with the baby. A cute little girl, she soon warmed up to me and A, and her mother and I got talking too. They were also waiting for the same bus, and we soon befriended the lady's husband also. All the while, A and I kept playing with the adorable little darling!

Her name turned out to be "Mehvish". I remember wondering at that time what it could possibly mean. Now, after a little research, I've found out that it means bright star!!! A bright star, she sure was! Ever ready to charm people with her smiles and giggles, she soon became the centre of attention in the bus! Everyone wanted to hold her and play with her! A good respite for her parents, I must say!!! I must admit that I was extremely jealous when she started exchanging so many hands and laps! :-/ She kept all in such good humour, laughing with glee at the slightest of things! She had been taught quite a few things, and didn't once hesitate to show off her knowledge! Passing out handshakes at the drop of a hat, reciting how both A and B stood for Apple, and C for Cat, singing a cute song about the moon, blinking and showing where her eyes were, but, resorting to touching the nose of the person asking her where her own nose was, she did it all, and how!!! She twirled all of us around her little finger!!! My happiness knew no bounds when after having been mollycoddled by almost all the passengers; she came back into my arms!

A and I will never forget her, the bundle of joy that she is! I'm only rueful that I didn't take her picture. I so hope I meet her again some day!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Wanted: A Pied Piper!!!

Six of us friends took a train to Nagercoil to attend Beta and Pavethra’s wedding ceremony. The train journey was exciting and lots of fun, to say the very least!!! Remember how I mentioned in an earlier post that creepy crawlies and insects and I are not exactly the best of friends!?! What I failed to add is that neither do rodents make a delightful or lovely pair with me!!! Add to that, the presence of my even more wary of anything that does not resemble a human being, friend, G!!! She has the ability to bring not one, but a dozen roofs down, with her screaming and yelling at the slightest sighting of so much as even a moth!!!

Of course, even before the invasion by the animal kingdom began, we had excitement in the form of three of the gang getting on the train at the very last minute, that too in another compartment! They soon wound their way into the right one, with dear, rotund D, huffing and puffing away to glory!!! Thankful that all of us were finally aboard, we settled down to our usual round of pulling each other’s legs and giggling and laughing at the drop of a hat! There was also, of course, the matter of the wedding gift, which methinks, should be an entire post in itself!!!
We had some swapping of seats to be done so that all of us could be in the same compartment, and after having successfully driven away three other passengers to the other seats, we settled down to enjoy our journey. Lest you think that we actually drove them out the compartment, no, we politely entreated them to let us all sit together, the epitomes of polite etiquette that we all are!!!

It was when we were all well into making fun of each other that our esteemed guest decided to make its presence felt!!! A lady sitting on the seat next to ours claimed that she’d spotted a rat!!! G and I were thunderstruck at this declaration, and refused to believe it despite numerous other sightings by the rest of our group. We thought that they were all fibbing to scare and irritate us! It was then that G also spotted Mr. Rodent! We had no choice now but to believe the inevitable!!! Up went two pairs of legs in a flash, and the two pairs refused to come down for many an agonizing hour after that! Both of us nicely tucked in our legs beneath our thighs, and waited with bated breaths to catch another glimpse of the monster. I had still not seen even the tip of its tail, and I was hoping, in my heart of hearts that it didn’t really exist, when, I spotted a sudden movement from the corner of my eye and spotted a black, furry ball zap right under the berth I was already so precariously perched on! All this while, the most audible sounds in the compartment were that of the squeals and screams that involuntarily came out of G and my mouths!!! Of course, it didn’t help that the others found our fear rib-ticklingly funny and hilarious enough to call on pranks that conjured up rats, where there were none! Throwing bits of paper on us, sudden exclamations of horror, unexpected movements, they tried it all, and more!!!

To top it all, G spotted a cockroach crawling somewhere above her and let out a squeal, to add to the cacophony that was already so omnipresent!!! Now, the brave thing that I am, roaches don’t make me do a double take and I started admonishing her for making such a spectacle of her self!!! It was, after all, just a silly cockroach!!! :-D Woe betide me, I was soon reminded of the rodent, to which, somehow, the above statement didn’t seem to fit! How could I think “it is, after all, only a rat”, when I could hear a voice inside me scream, “It’s a rat, for heaven’s sake; drive it out, NOW!!!” :-/

As though one was not enough, one more furry thing was spotted by the other four! I still don’t know whether there were really two, or they were just hell bent on scaring me and G, out of our wits!!! D kept telling me how, when I would be fast asleep, one of the rodents would get into one of my shoes and I would get a nice, squishy welcome when I’d put my foot in, the next morning!!! Thankfully, nothing of that sort happened; neither did anything pop right out my bag, the moment I opened it! Nevertheless, it was one journey that neither G nor I will forget in a hurry!!!

Armed and Waiting!!!

Pic Courtesy: Google

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

United We Stand!!!

After what seemed like a long wait, a very dear friend of mine walked down the aisle last week. On the 29th of December, 2006, Beta and Pavethra reached the point of no return!!! A group of us friends went to Nagercoil for the wedding. It was a nice, fun-filled trip, but, more on that later! The wedding was long awaited more because it was fun to see a once hesitant to get married Beta, slowly transform into the much happy and impatient for the D-day groom!!!

The ceremony lasted for a little over three-quarters of an hour, interspersed with prayers and songs aplenty! Pamphlets detailing the entire proceeding were handed over to all present. This rendered following the happenings easier and more enjoyable. The six of us who attended the ceremony were sitting a few rows behind the front rows of the pew, and hence couldn't hear the couple declare their wedding vows too well. Nevertheless, we enjoyed every minute of the service, and hastened to click pictures of the newlyweds as soon as they were proclaimed husband and wife.

The groom looked smart in his wedding suit, while the bride was absolutely resplendent in cream and white! Her veil was so beautifully long and the flower girls on either side so darlingly cute that it intensified my desire of a lovely church wedding!!! After posing for a few photographs, they soon zoomed away to the reception hall, which was where we all headed next. Read more about the trip to Nagercoil and the reception party in my subsequent posts. For now, here are a couple pictures of the blushing two!

The Blushing Couple

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Dawn of a New Year!!!

Another year has made its exit, and a new one has just raised its sleepy head! I'm lagging way behind on my blog, especially considering that I have lots to write about!!! For now, though, a warm new year wish by way of one of my customary poems will have to suffice!!! More on the last week of last year in the span of a few days! :-)

As a new year rears its beautiful head,
I wish you all, much peace and love,
Through rosy paths, may your days be led,
And, your every wish heard, high up above!!!

Lay your woes to rest, with the year gone by,
And, start this year with renewed strength,
May every opportunity, at your doorstep, lie,
And, happiness find you, through the year's length!!!

Resolutions made, whether stuck to, or not,
What really counts is the willful enthusiasm,
Let your energy overflow like a brimming pot,
With absolutely no room for any kind of spasm!!!

With all to-do, every year starts with a big bang,
But, to keep it going, is what matters the most,
End not with a whimper; keep up the distinct tang,
Twelve months from now, of a good year, will ye boast!!!

With these wishes, I bring, my poem to a close,
May happiness and smiles hog every day of your year,
May friends greatly outnumber any and all your foes,
And, may sadness, never its unwelcome head, rear!!!

Pic Courtesy: Google