Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Tiny pellets,
As deceiving as they get!
Squishy, squashy paint,
Do they all beget!

An afternoon,
A pleasant Sunday one,
Afar the city’s chaos,
The venue, one of fun!

Smelly masks,
A group of lively eleven,
Jackets for the girls,
Just 2 short of seven!

War vests,
Yes, for all genders, those,
And with loaded guns too,
We all did bravely pose!

T’was war,
On the battlefield, no less,
With the battle lines drawn,
It sure was a painty mess!

Crouching tigers,
Did we all happily become,
And the last team standing,
Did the victorious, sum!

Aching thighs,
Searing arms, bruised red,
The remnants of that war,
Of each held-high, proud head!