Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Amsterdam, Baby!

Akin to what Joey said:
It's all Amsterdam, baby! Here we go!

This weekend being the long weekend that it is, what better place to jet set off to than the Venice of the North, eh!?!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

City Tunes

Christmas 2008, a season to remember,
A wondrous trip, did it behold…
A bustling city, 4 hours yonder,
In these very lines,
Will its joyous tale be told!

Friendly and so welcoming,
Opened its arms to encompass us…
With sights and history galore,
Move into its bosom did we,
Without any fuss!

The Mauer, spellbinding,
A treasure house of real lives…
The museum in its vicinity,
To the depths of our humanity,
It easily dives!

The Reichstag, the Dom, the Tor
All statuesque and impressive…
The KaDeWe, the panoramic bahn,
So reeking of affluent modernity,
In its very excessive!
The AquaDom, surely a delight,
Tranquil blues and greens…
A match only to the near Sea Life,
Bringing up the rear, Tussauds, no less,
Where everyone stops and preens!
Berlin, it sure is, all the way through,
Captivated my heart, mind and soul…
Comparisons does it unwittingly warrant,
Oh Berlin, you sure were a pleasant whiff,
Of fresh air; of all the nicety that a city can dole!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Yours Randomly...

Having been tagged to reveal 25 random facts about myself, here's some randomness!
1. I am a stickler for punctuality. I hate being kept waiting because of someone being late; I equally hate being late myself.
2. I’m a staunch Calcuttan. I love Calcutta to death. Nope, can’t hear a word against it. I’m impractical, illogical and completely unreasonable when it comes to anyone hurling the least invective at my city or its offshoots (Kolkata Knight Riders being a case in point).
3. I used to draw and paint an awful lot; don’t do even a tenth as much now. I have to, have to, and just have to get back to it in full flow again.
4. Books are my life blood.
5. I’m impatient about most things, and if I have to wait for something, it consumes my whole being.
6. I love dancing. I hope to learn many different forms of it.
7. I’m easily bored. I have a need to be continuously doing something.
8. I hope to visit all the places in this world, including the far-flung, dangerous, eeriest, hottest, coldest ones.
9. The number of people I genuinely like is quite small.
10. In Europe, everyone seems to love the sun. I don’t! I don’t like sitting in the sun! I’ll sit outside, but give me the chair in the shade please!
11. I never want to lose touch with any of my good friends. Some are very dear to me. I’m good at keeping in touch *knock on wood*!
12. I love backpacks in red and orange.
13. I don’t drink tea/coffee. I rarely ever drink them. Maybe, once a year or so.
14. I like doing many things at the same time (not necessarily at the very same moment). It gives me a sense of accomplishment.
15. I hope to write a bestseller some day. I love writing; I just need to garner the patience I need for it!
16. I am very loud. Whispering is almost alien to me.
17. I regret not having learnt a musical instrument yet. I will learn the piano; I will, I will, I will. Throw in a guitar too.
18. I’m very nearly a feminist (in the original, unadulterated sense of the word).
19. Many of my instincts have come true. I feel psychic and clairvoyant quite often.
20. I miss Indo-Chinese food; way more than I expected to!
21. I like long flights, but hate long bus journeys.
22. I need a dog, to call my own.
23. I would have loved to be a twin. I’ll settle for having twins.
24. I don’t like my full first name. I prefer the shortened version. I love most modified versions of it, which my friends use.
25. I don’t want to live too long. I’d like a full life, rather than a long one.

Thanks for the tag, Ani. I had fun doing it.

All you lovely people reading this, please do take up this tag if it interests you.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Picture Time...!

..of the sights in and around Frankfurt.
Considering how behind I am on my blogging, here are the pictures I missed putting up... quite a few of them, may I add! You had better sit back and relax! Here's presenting autumn, winter and Christmas; all in a jumble!


Kino = Movie Theatre

Boat ride on the Rhine

Frankfurt Christmas Market

Hauptbahnhof (Central Railway Station) during Christmas

Christmas Tree - The lighting of it was a big event...

2 angels; one in disguise :-)

Scenes from the Christmas Market

Carousel at the Christmas Market

Ebbelwei (Apple wine) Express

European Union



Stock Exchange

Alte Oper

Dom Römer

Strassenbahn (Tram)


Another Strassenbahn

Shopping street decked up for Christmas

Winter, in all its glory!

Autumn; I told ya they're all jumbled up!