Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ich bin Glücklich!!!

I really don't have great reasons for not having posted for so long! I have been busy doing lots of varied stuff, but really nothing to keep me away from blogging for so many days at a stretch! I've just been procrastinating, I guess! Anyway, so the things I've been busy with have been exciting and fun, to say the least. I've just completed my A1 level international examinations in Deutsch (yes, the German language!) and have also signed up for some basic dance classes in Salsa, Jive and Cha-cha-cha, which I must say have been truckloads of fun!
The German classes at Max Mueller have allowed me to meet so many wonderful, lovely people, some of whom have become my good friends. Now if that's not a good outcome, what is!?!
Oh, did I forget to mention that I got 85% in those exams? Ich bin glücklich!